Types of Weed and Their Effects

One study showed that excessive cannabis use can cause shrinkage in the amygdala and hippocampus parts of your brain, which can have a significant impact on memory and learning. A third strain, Cannabis ruderalis, has been added to the cannabis market. Here is the Detailed information on online Dispensary

It is possible to live a life free from addiction

Sativa strains can make it seem like you’re high or ready to create something amazing. Indica strains, on the other hand, are great for easing PMS pain and getting some sleep. It’s important to understand how cannabis works, given the resurgence of marijuana as medicine and changing legal landscape. This is what cannabis does to your brain and body.

This phenomenon isn’t only for weed smokers. However, it does pose the greatest risk. These psychotic symptoms, also known as the “bad high”, affect approximately 15% of marijuana users. While most people experience these side effects only while intoxicated with marijuana, some others become permanently afflicted and fall under the category of an actual drug-induced mental illness.

With over 14 years of experience in outpatient and residential treatment, she comes to The Freedom Center having had both private and federal sector experiences. The endocannabinoid is the system where marijuana can exert its influence. It can affect virtually every part, including the brain stem, amygdala, and hypothalamus, which all contribute to the hallmark effects of a marijuana high. When you think about marijuana use, what are some of the side effects?

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Although the taste may be a little strange and unpleasant, the potency of the drug is still there. This is similar to tea or juice. It can cause a person to feel overwhelmed for hours. It is also difficult or impossible speed up or stop the process. People who take tincture for long periods of time can expect to feel the effects..

Alternatives to Smoking Weed

It is important to understand both the psychological and physical signs of drug abuse in order to investigate whether or not there has been any abuse. If you suspect that you or someone close to you may be suffering from a marijuana dependence, take our 5-minute free self-assessment. The evaluation is a 10 question yes/no questionnaire that can be used to help determine the severity and likelihood of a marijuana addiction disorder. The result is confidential and free of charge. The duration of the high will depend on how much the user tolerates marijuana and the potency of the drug. The high lasts only for a few hours. However, depending on how the drug was tested, the effects of marijuana can stay in your system for days or even months.

Although the science behind marijuana is still a mystery, some research is beginning to provide some insight into how it affects the body. Due to the potential effects that cannabis can have on the brains and nervous systems of those under 25, health officials are worried about teens vaping cannabis. After controlled smoking, vaporization, and oral cannabis administration, cannabinoid dispositions in oral fluid.

Carlini states that “the whole point about strains is that there’s no scientific basis to predict that they will create different experiences.” It all depends on how you vape, smoke, or eat edibles. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pressed the FDA to act faster in August 2019. He proposed an amendment that would require them to implement guidance for CBD products within the next 120 days. Judy is a licensed clinical professional counselor in Maryland and a National Certified counselor. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, she earned her Master’s in Clinical Counseling at Johns Hopkins University. As a Clinical Supervisor and Primary Therapist, she has held a variety of leadership and clinical positions. Although marijuana is not as harmful as methamphetamine, alcohol and cocaine, it can still cause undesirable cognitive side effects.

People with mild stress, anxiety, or depression should use Sour Diesel. It is also known to ease body aches and pains. It can be used to increase appetite in people who feel deprived of food. Some people may feel paranoid or overwhelmed by the effects of sour diesel. Sour Diesel is a hybrid strain that combines the high-energizing effects and relaxation properties of sativa with some of the more relaxing properties of indica.

Our medical editors and reviewers have more than a decade of combined experience in medical content editing. They have also reviewed thousands of… Another product made from marijuana is this. After the extraction process is completed, producers spread the substance on a sheet to cool and dry. That sheet can then be broken into shards that can be sold individually.TheHuffington Postreports that shatter pieces have up to 80 percent THC. Shatter users must purchase or make a special bong with a bowl or nail at one end. The glass is vaporized by heating it with a butane torch.

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